A programming class for trans and genderqueer folks

Transcode teaches trans, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming folks computer programming and software engineering skills. This university-style class is entirely free, and we will provide all the equipment you'll need to succeed at it.

Why programming?  It's an active field, especially in the SF Bay Area.  Plenty of tech companies in San Francisco are actively hiring for Software Engineers. The software industry can also be relatively trans friendly.  In the US News and World Report's “Best Jobs of 2012” article, being a Software Developer was rated second. The high tech industry tends to focus on skills and talent as well as embracing diversity. Bigger players in the field, such as Microsoft and Google, typically have trans-inclusive health care plans and policies.

Over the course of a year, Transcode will teach you how to program in Python, along with basic Linux skills, software engineering methodology, and software design. At the end of the year, you will be presented with a certification that you completed the program that you can highlight on your résumé. The Transcode collaboration will also guide you towards more experiences that can deepen your experience and further prepare you to use programming in your career, or to start a career in software engineering.

Transcode runs similarly to a night class at college. We will have two classes a week (Tuesday & Thursday) starting on September 24, about 90 minutes each. There are about 10 hours of work per week outside of class. A lot of time out of class sounds like a large commitment, but becoming a good programmer is much more about practice than about attending lectures.

Transcode is a collaboration with the San Francisco LGBT Center (the Center) and the Trans* Employment Program(TEEI). The mission of TEEI is educating employers as well as connecting job seekers to equal and sustainable employment. TEEI staff at the Center are available to Transcode students to provide ongoing support, mentoring, and connection to industry. Additional TEEI services at the Center include one-on-one coaching and job search support for all trans* individuals.